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For Through the Fire:

“This debut novel certainly shows that Grady has promise as an author of faith-based action adventures.”
-Mary Frances Wilkens, Booklist

“Wow. Shawn Grady certainly knows how to craft a story.”
-Heidi Knapp Rinella, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“The writing is tight. The suspense is well done… The experience the author has in Reno, NV as a fireman and a paramedic shows… Read it for the escapism it provides.”
-Dane Robert Swanson, Santa Monica Daily Press

“A suspense-thriller replete with leads and violent encounters… Throughout, the novel is a page-turner.”
-Clarissa Leon, Reno News & Review

“The author’s descriptive, imaginative word pictures help recreate life and death situations in Through The Fire. Shawn Grady’s debut novel is an exploding blend of extreme action, sweet romance, and constant danger, to say the least.”
-Dale Lewis,

“Shawn Grady’s debut novel, Through the Fire, introduces readers to a novelist whose work will be worth continuing to read in the future. His poetic prose style captures the audience from his opening description of fire, and carries throughout the novel in various settings and character depictions. As a firefighter and a paramedic, Grady’s experience brings to life many intense scenes of suspense.”
-Sherri Beeler, Christian Library Journal

“Grady placed many real Reno landmarks in the story… locals will recognize the neighborhood intersections, streets and landscapes that the firetrucks roll through… Fire itself is another key character, anthropomorphized by O’Neill into a living force.”
-Susan Skorupa, Reno Gazette-Journal

“Shawn Grady is an author on my ‘must read list’, and I’m hoping to share his novel with my husband. I’m giving Through the Fire five out of five bookmarks, and voting it “Best Debut Novel of 2009″.”
-Deena Peterson, A Peek at my Bookshelf

“A sizzling debut novel from a writer who really has the goods. Shawn Grady is an author to watch.”
-James Scott Bell, bestselling author of Deceived

“Shawn Grady is the real deal- a real-life fireman who can take you into the inferno, scare the living daylights out of you, and drag you back out reeking of smoke and gasping for air. Through the Fire is the best book on fire-fighting I’ve ever read, and there’s enough mystery and suspense to keep you scorching through the pages.”
-Randall Ingermanson, Christy Award-winning author of Oxygen

“With equal parts drama, suspense, and poetic prose, Shawn Grady weaves a captivating story. The characters are complex and interesting, and the story world so well drawn I feel as though I’ve experienced the life of a firefighter. Excellent read!”
-Kathryn Cushman, author of Leaving Yesterday

“With an expert hand, Shawn Grady delivers a haunting story filled with high-action suspense, intriguing insider details, and characters to cheer for as they navigate deep waters and fiery depths.”
-Amy Wallace, author of Enduring Justice

“What an impressive book! It was one thing after another for poor Aidan. His life fascinated me. In the perfect example of ‘write what you know,’ firefighter Shawn Grady’s characters were flesh and blood. I felt like I was one of the firemen riding on that truck. Both character and plot sucked me in and I couldn’t put the book down. (Love that!) Great cover too. I highly recommend this book for anyone who loves a great suspense story (girls, too, even though guys will love the action.) 5 out of 5 Stars.”
-Jill Williamson, Christy Award-winning author of By Darkness Hid

For Tomorrow We Die:

“Grady’s novel should appeal to fans of fast-paced thrillers with a medical theme (Michael Palmer fans, for example, should do well here). The author, a firefighter and paramedic, captures the novel’s milieu perfectly… the plotting is solid, and the book features a strong hero, an appropriately evil villain, and a satisfying resolution.”
-David Pitt, Booklist

“Grady’s latest is a definite page-turner. The action begins in the first paragraph and doesn’t let up for readers until the very end. Jonathan is a sympathetic character, and his romance with Naomi is quite satisfying. RT Rating: 4 Stars.”
-Melissa Parcel, Romantic Times Book Reviews

“In a remarkably suspenseful and magnificently written book, Tomorrow We Die is action packed with just enough down time for the reader to occasionally catch their breath… It only took a few pages to be completely immersed in the story and whisked away to the world of racing ambulances and life threatening emergencies…The emergency response scenes in this book were executed perfectly, with great insight, generating nice suspense that fit beautifully with the rest of the story… It’s hard to believe this is only Grady’s second book. The pacing was spectacular, like a seasoned veteran… Grady did a thorough job of setting up and executing each subplot and building just the right amount of suspense to set up the fantastic finale… He’s definitely an author to watch. ”
-Melissa Willis, The Christian Manifesto

“Shawn Grady’s Tomorrow We Die (Bethany, 2010), written by a former fireman/EMT, combines heart-pounding action with lots of medical detail.”
-Susan Olasky, World Magazine

“Jonathan Trestle feels like he’s chasing the Angel of Death across the Truckee Meadows. As a paramedic for a private ambulance firm in Shawn Grady’s second novel Tomorrow We Die, (Bethany House, $14.99 paperback) Trestle is caught up in a puzzle that leads to murder, bringing the angel idea painfully close to home… Grady, who has worked as a paramedic and now is a firefighter with the Reno Fire Department, well understands Trestle’s feelings about a stalking death presence… Like Grady’s first novel, 2009′s Through the Fire, the Reno area is a major costar.”
-Susan Skorupa, Reno Gazette-Journal

“Author Shawn Grady is a Reno fireman/paramedic himself writing from the inside out. He writes with accurate authenticity and minute detail… The conclusion is indeed suspense-filled with high level intensity leading up to it. Redemption flows into the story as broken relationships are healed and renewed once people reach out to each other in their time of need. No doubt readers will close this title with a greater appreciation for all the paramedics and emergency responders who work so hard to save lives. I enjoyed reading Tomorrow We Die and look forward to Grady’s next novel.”
-Dale Lewis,

“Grady’s background as a firefighter and paramedic make for realistic emergency scenes filled with gritty realism and believable dialogue. His characters jump off the page with distinct personalities. If you like medical/rescue thrillers, check out Tomorrow We Die and Grady’s debut novel.”
-Susan Miura,

Firefighter and paramedic Shawn Grady brings his insider’s knowledge to play in his novel Tomorrow We Die, adding authenticity to a behind-the-scenes look at the world of paramedics. However, readers should not expect Grady’s book merely to be a typical medical novel; it is an intense murder mystery… The story builds to a climactic and terrifying ending as John and another medic, Naomi, face the murderous mastermind… Tomorrow We Die is a novel full of suspense and humor. John’s ambulance partner, Bones, is a delightful, quirky character whose crazy antics and wit brings relief to the heaviness of the ambulance runs they make. Peppered with medical jargon, the novel allows readers a look at the daily demands, stresses, and frustrations that paramedics face, and reminds us that our lives are but a vapor.
-Sherri Beeler, Christian Library Journal

“Shawn Grady fills his literary syringe with potent storytelling, flawless research, and snappy dialogue, then injects them into the reader’s bloodstream. Tomorrow We Die is a wild ambulance ride that races toward a suspenseful conclusion.”
-Eric Wilson, NY Times bestselling author of Fireproof and Valley of Bones

“Shawn Grady writes like an insider, with scenes pulsing with the real language and gritty drama of medicine. This novel has all the elements: endearing characters, the hope of love, and the ever present shadow of the grim reaper. Don’t start this after supper if you want to sleep tonight.”
-Harry Kraus, MD, bestselling author of The Six-Liter Club and Salty Like Blood

“Packed with adrenaline and heart-drumming action, laced with unforgettable characters and humor, Tomorrow We Die pulses with authenticity that can only come from someone who knows his stuff— as a paramedic as well as a writer. Discover one of Shawn’s books and you’ll want to read them all.”
-Tosca Lee, author of Demon: A Memoir and Havah: The Story of Eve

“With lights flashing and sirens blaring, Shawn Grady rushes the reader into the world of the emergency medical technician, with all its tension, triumph, and tragedy. Well-written and carefully crafted, this novel will keep you on the edge of your seat, so buckle up for a great ride.”
-Richard L. Mabry, MD, author of Code Blue


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